Les Domaines Agricoles have constantly exerted, since their creation, considerable efforts towards being a socially responsible company with their commitment to the respect of the social right, by contributing to the well-being of the staff, by participating in the rural development and by adopting means of production respecting the environment.

Les Domaines Agricoles have adopted several charters (Charter of Values, Charter of Excellence, Security Charter, and Sustainable Development Charter) that consider social commitment (relations between employer and employees and relations with communities) as well as the environment protection to be their principal priorities.
This policy that is essentially based on social and environmental measures applies to all the sites and activities of Les Domaines Agricolesl;

As concerns the internal social policy of the Agricultural Fields, it includes the principles of respect for working regulations, human rights, the values ​​of our company as well as our principles of Excellence and those of our Charters of Sustainable Development and Health / Safety. This policy is the foundation of our social management system that allows for dynamic management and continuous updating of our procedures in response to possible changes in laws, regulations, international conventions and any other code of ethical conduct.

Lastly, concerning the relations with the community’s policy, the Agricultural Fields have, since their creation, set themselves the task of contributing to the development of the rural world in the respect of the environment while promoting the human development. The fields play their part in the social development of their regions by:

  • The economic development of the regions of implantation,
  • Donations,
  • Commitment openness and proximity
  • Skill-based sponsorship.