Conscious and Concerned with  the health of the consumers and within the framework of their policy of sustainable development, Les Domaines Agricoles are committed for several years and in all of their exploitations in a sustainable agriculture, based on the control of the health risk, the respect of the environment, and optimized management of water resources.

On some sites, Les Domaines Agricoles even set up a certified production system promoting biodiversity while excluding the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides as well as genetically modified organisms: organic farming. This commitment is reflected results in the production of auxiliaries as part of biological control against pest, the use of compost for fertilization and soil amendment, and the use of bio-pesticides of natural origin. Les Domaines Agricoles have their own insectarium, an advanced- technology laboratory, allowing the breeding of auxiliaries used against the pests and diseases as well as several composting platforms for the waste conversion into compost.

Currently, Les Domaines Agricoles offer  a diversified range of organic products :

Citrus fruits: Afourer and Navel species

Fruits and vegetables: apricot, jujube, olive, grape, avocado, tomato, melon, zucchini, pepper, aubergine, beans, cucumber, peas, salads, mint, etc.

Cereals: wheat, lentils, chickpeas

Aromatic plants: Argan, rose, orange blossom

The organic productions sites as well as our packing stations are certified according to the European and / or American regulations in force governing the activities of organic farming.

In addition, as part of this policy of organic farming development, several production sites are currently being in the process of conversion to organic farming. Les Domaines Agricoles make up thus a very strong player in the development of the organic sector in Morocco by positioning themselves as one of the main producers of products derived from organic farming in Morocco.

The company is also a founding member, and holds the presidency of  the Moroccan Inter-professional Federation of the Organic Sector (FIMABIO).