Partnership agreement concluded between “Les Domaines Agricoles” and the Research Institute of Solar Energy and Clean Energies “IRESEN” to promote the general use of renewable energies in the farming sector

Renewable energies are a great chance to contribute to the sustainable development of the farming sector. A partnership agreement was signed on October 30th this year between Les Domaines Agricoles and the Research Institute of Solar Energy and Clean Energies (IRESEN), outside a special raising-awareness event co-organized by both institutions.

This agreement covers the development of prototypes, demo models and pilot systems using renewable energies and processing the agricultural waste, besides promoting a circular-economy approach for eco-friendly farming and agri-food industry. All these energy-saving innovations shall lead at better streamlining the distribution of water and energy and thus at protecting our environment. Hereunto, a joint program is scheduled for gathering a Moroccan board of academic partners so they carry out research and development projects built around renewable energies and smart farming. Events of information and science communication shall be organized for the farmers as well, to promote and increase the use of these new technologies.

This event was also attended by high representatives of the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Sustainable Development, together with those of ONEE, AMEE and many other experts stemming from the energy sector. The gathering day ended with a guided tour of the Green Energy Park and the presentation of diverse smart solutions for producing clean energy and for processing brackish water so as to reuse it into the farming sector.