Les Domaines Agricoles,
since 35 years serving the national arboriculture

Citrus plants

We manage every phase of the production process from seed beds through to grafting and are self sufficient in certified seeds.

We thus produce more than 50% citrus plants certified national, i.e. 2.5 million plants with sales of more than 2 million plants.Our inspection unit guarantees the authenticity of the variety and disease-free plants.

Date palm plants

Les Domaines Agricoles are an active participant in reconstructing the Moroccan palm groves that have been damaged by BAYOUD disease. Thanks to our expertise in biotechnology, we undertake the large-scale propagation of certain carefully selected date palm varieties. Extremely vigorous, these plants ensure rapid growth and considerable homogeneity, which is useful when setting up modern plantations.

Banana plants

Les Domaines Agricoles produce nearly 1 million plants per year of the Grandes Naines and Nathan varieties.All propagated in vitro, these varieties guarantee the producer disease-and parasite-free plant stock. Their homogeneity is excellent and their productivity considerably higher than traditional plants.

Carob and argan tree plants

Les Domaines Agricoles have achieved significant improvements in the production of carob plants.
Using grafts from carob plants obtained in our laboratories, we produce sexed plants that can provide precocious production from the 4th year.
A grafting method has also been developed for the production of argan plants and this, to help to safeguard this endemic species with its numerous beneficial properties.

Ornamental plants

Les Domaines Agricoles ornamental nurseries cultivate numerous species for the exterior and interior. The collection includes palm trees, bamboos, hedging and ornamental trees and bushes, succulents, climbers…

The great diversity of shapes, flowering, colors, foliage appearance, fructification and scents make them exceptional plants for enhancing green spaces and gardens.