Quality early vegetables

To offer their customers products of superior quality, Les Domaines Agricoles have taken up the challenge to allow their early vegetables business to effectively develop by enabling diversification, for instance, that meets the needs of the export market.

Therefore, we produce several varieties of tomato (round, plum, on the vine, cocktail, cherry, beefsteak…) as well as courgettes, green beans, peppers (bell and beefsteak), melons (Charentais and Galla)…

We select varieties that best meet our customers’ expectations and adapt our technical response according to climate, soil and availability of water. We use state of the art equipment and cultivation techniques.

Eager to be as close as possible to the market:

  • We control the technical response to the various crops;
  • Our orchards are managed organically or according to integrated farming methods;
  • Our dedicated packing stations are certified in accordance with the strictest international quality standards;
  • Our production process is fully integrated, thereby ensuring total product traceability;
  • Our labels are the guarantors of the quality of our products;
  • We are active on the principal wholesale markets in Morocco and on the international market via a distribution platform based in Perpignan.