A wide diversity of products intended for the domestic and export markets

Fruit cultivation at Les Domaines Agricoles covers various species (Rosaceae, Vines, Olives and Varieties on special offer). It accounts for a significant proportion of the total surface area under plantation.

Les Domaines Agricoles market an extensive, diverse range, making the most of their know-how and the richness of the land they cultivate.

From apricots for the table to pecan nuts, no fewer than 18 species are produced by Les Domaines.

To be able to offer its customers a diverse range of quality products, Les Domaines Agricoles makes the most of:

  • The considerable diversity of the land it cultivates;
  • Their technical expertise backed up by Research and Development;
  • Total traceability from production to the point of sale;
  • Their enthusiastic sales team with the consumer as the focus of their concerns.