A historical business

Les Domaines Agricoles produces over 150,000 tonnes of citrus fruit and is forecast to produce 250,000 tonnes by 2015, making it the recognised leader in citrus fruit production and exports.

Our ambitious research and development programmes have resulted in us being the origin for many innovations such as the NADORCOTT variety, that was developed in collaboration with INRA, and the Tristeza virus detection kits.

We have set objectives to improve our product quality, increase our productivity and optimise our use of natural
resources, especially water resources. Our technical approach involves a rigorous selection of the varieties, high density planting and the use of sustainable fertigation based on the plant’s requirements, the use of integrated
pest management and selective harvesting…

We seek to provide better solutions to our clients’ needs and have developed a large range of products produced
on the best soils, available 9 months per year and packed in our modern packing stations that allow us to guarantee maximum freshness for our products.

We are aware of our obligation as a major player in our country’s agricultural development and have implemented an assistance and support policy for small and medium sized producers. This has led to us signing several partnerships with the Government aimed at developing aggregation in the main citrus fruit producing regions : El Haouz, Souss, Beni Mellal.