Designed in 1926 by the Pasha of Marrakech, Hadj Thami El Glaoui Mezouari, the Royal Golf takes its place alongside the most beautiful historical international golf courses.

With guests as prestigious as the Statesmen Winston Churchill, David Lloyd George and Ike Eisenhower, it welcomes golfers from all over the world all year round who are eager to “play the legend”.


Along with the enjoyment of the game comes the undisputed pleasure of a glorious walk through the heart of a landscape laid out a hundred years ago and planted with more than 15,000 trees. In this marvellous oasis of freshness, each of the course’s 27 holes will leave an unforgettable memory.

The beginning of 2014 will mark the inauguration of the new Menara 9-hole course. This course offers new facilities like a driving range and a putting green fitted with floodlights to allow you to continue the game until sunset.

At the Menara course, firms, hotels and private individuals who would like to organise a high-profile event will have the opportunity to choose the Royal Golf of Marrakech to enjoy a round under the stars and in the pleasant coolness of the Moroccan night.


At the grand old age of 80, the Royal Golf of Marrakech has walked hand in hand with history, not just the Kingdom’s but also of this unique game.

Based on the respect for etiquette and fair play, golf is a discipline that cultivates the greatest values of sport and polite society.

The Royal Golf of Marrakech, eager to promote these traditions, considers upholding the principles of the social graces a duty within its grounds.