marque chergui


The CHERGUI brand offers different ranges of products with authentic or original recipes, always focusing on taste and the richness of ingredients.

The CHERGUI brand covers several categories of products.

  • Yoghurt : firm (Jnane), creamy (crème de CHERGUI), tasty (with fruit), dietary (Finesse), healthy (Bifidus) and those made with goat’s milk
  • Drinking yoghurt : with fruit pulp (Daya) and flavoured (Raïbi)
  • Fruit juice with milk : Fawakih
  • Double-layer desserts with fruit
  • Cheese : with cow’s milk and goat’s milk


CHERGUI targets consumers who wish to enjoy healthy, natural premium products while combining elegance and finesse.

The gustatory quality of the products is ensured by a careful selection of raw materials.
Our packaging combines modernity, practicality and innovation.


The CHERGUI brand is available throughout Morocco, in large and medium-sized wholesalers, in neighbourhood shops and in the network of LES DOMAINES outlets.