More awards for the products of Les Domaines Agricoles: Three products rewarded as “Flavor of the year 2019”

Indeed, three products stemming from Les Domaines Agricoles got the prize of “Flavor of the Year for 2019”. Nadorcott Mandarine of Marrakech got this award for the ninth time in a row. As for the cocktail tomato and the oblong cherry tomato of Dakhla, they were awarded for the sixth year. These awards go on a par with one more certification of quality for the fruit and vegetable sector of Les Domaines Agricoles, which founding principles are based on their ceaseless quest for excellence. This kite mark is issued by the European Consumer Centre, one of the first independent quality centers of Europe. The nominated products are put to the test by a select-few panel of 120 anonymous consumers, whose main criterion of rating is the degree of satisfaction as for the immediate appreciation while tasting the said products. As well, the look of the product, its smell, texture and taste are appraised as well.