Personal mentoring for better integration

Each new recruit benefits from an induction programme. This programme enables each new employee to find the information needed to grasp the Group’s cultural and behavioural codes and to get an overview of the company.
Each induction programme includes:

  • Practical courses at other production sites in order to foster the sharing of experience and skills and to develop a view of the bigger picture;
  • The mentor programme, which pairs a new employee (junior) with an experienced employee (senior) for the first year with a view to offering the support needed by newcomers to the company. Mentoring enables the “mentee” to take advantage of any feedback from the “mentor” with all the assistance and help offered to him to find out about how the company operates, the procedures and processes to observe and the in-house culture.

Training, our priority

Training is a priority issue at Les Domaines Agricoles. An important factor in individual and career development and a considerable help in career management, training is a response to the complexity of our profession and fast-moving environment.

Vocational training courses are given continuously by in-house instructors as well as by national and international experts. Our technical executives gain the benefit of partnership agreements with Moroccan, French, Spanish, South African and Dutch skills centres.

Traditional training courses are bolstered not only by study trips overseas (conferences, visits, trade fairs, etc.) but also by more innovative, more targeted training schemes: coaching (behavioural and managerial skills development), hands-on training and access to a library.

Training leading to a specific qualification or diploma is funded when the training is suggested by management with a view helping an incumbent to adapt to his post to assist with and oversee job mobility or broader responsibilities.