Les Domaines Agricoles is committed to continuing to be a responsible and professional company of excellence


The culture of Excellence within our company can be seen in our will to be the best and to stay the best, by being:

  • A civic-minded, responsible and efficient company;
  • Committed, competent men and women;
  • All involved in a lasting, ongoing commitment to guarantee sustainable performance.


We undertake to conduct ourselves effectively and professionally in all circumstances

  • To respect our professional undertakings in terms of deadlines and quality
  • To respect the environment in which we operate
  • To develop our individual performance with a view to making a positive contribution to the company’s sustainable development

Corporate responsibility

We are committed to abiding by corporate law, to contributing to the well-being of our personnel, to participating in rural development and to adopting environmentally friendly production methods

  • To improve the working conditions of our teams
  • To contribute to the social development of the region in which we operate and create new jobs for the local people
  • To apply and follow the procedures and standards of good agricultural practices
  • To protect the internal and external environment