The Human Resources Strategy of Les Domaines Agricoles is structured around the development of its human capital, and more specifically the development of Reference skills in agricultural and agro-food business.

The essential purpose of The Academy manifests itself in setting up a knowledge management policy of Les Domaines Agricoles aimed essentially at capitalizing existing knowledge and know-how within the fields, then establishing a continuous process of enriching this capital in terms of all its activity sectors.

The 4 central objectives of Les Domaines Agricoles ACADEMY run as follows :

  1. CAPITALIZING the Knowledge of Les Domaines Agricoles and the know-how of their Human Resources, through the detailed and illustrated transcription of all technical processes by activity.
  2. SHARE the know-how of Les Domaines Agricoles and exchange best practices through in-house training.
  3. NOURIH the knowledge of Les Domaines Agricoles through the development of partnerships at national and international level.
  4. ENRICH the knowledge of Les Domaines Agricoles through the accompaniment and external training of our teams by technical experts of national and international reputation.