Les Domaines Agricoles, promoting organic farming in Agadir

As part of their strategy to promote organic farming, Les Domaines Agricoles organized an open day on April 4th at “Domaine Agadir Bio”, for the members of the Board of Directors chairing the Moroccan Inter-professional Federation of Organic Farming (FIMABIO) together with its affiliated associations. These include the Organic Producers Association (ANAPROBIO), the Association of the organic processing industries (VALBIO) and the Association of the Organic products Distributors and Exporters (ANADEXBIO). The catchword of the day was “Making money with Organic Farming is doable!”, and this open day was the opportunity for Les Domaines Agricoles to present their organic-farming project and to communicate with the different stakeholders around the issues of production, quality and marketing of the organic products in Morocco.