Les Domaines Agricoles are Glypho-free

Les Domaines Agricoles have always been concerned about the well-being and the health of their consumers. So two years ago they committed to totally exclude the use of Glyphosate from their farming methods. Quite controversial due to its harmful effects on humans and nature, this famous herbicide is suspected of being the cause for different malformations and cancers. In 2015, it has been listed as a probable carcinogen by the International Agency for Research on Cancer, falling under the World Health Organization (WHO). As from January 2017 in many European countries, its use has been prohibited in public spaces. And even though the direct link between Glyphosate and the abovementioned health issues has been ruled out by some assessments made by European commissions, the subject remains a burning issue. Indeed, some opposing studies were carried out and their outcome supports the fears of those believing in the noxiousness of this weedkiller.

Therefore, through the resolution of banning the use of Glyphosate from all of their sites, Les Domaines Agricoles demonstrate once more their will to meet the consumers’ expectations by offering high-quality products and by answering the targeted standards for a sustainable, socially responsible and eco-friendly farming.