It’s digital time for Les Domaines Agricoles

Given the importance of the agriculture as it represents a vital source for our economy, the major challenge to be met by our country is to set up an innovative and modern farming that is up to cope with the consumers’ demands on the global market.

Well aware of the high stakes, Les Domaines Agricoles set up a digital strategy based on two components. The first one is about the use of new technologies allowing a higher precision and more adaptability in the farming process. The second one concerns the implementation of a set of creative solutions up to figure out how to solve many issues, for today’s farmers and for those of tomorrow.

Among the technologies and solutions took on by the company, to quote only:

  • Inclusion of drones and satellites imaging for the control of the fertigation system.
  • Use of mobile solutions for a smart and eco-friendly management of the environment.
  • Use of spreaders equipped with a fertilizer modulation rate based on the maps of the drone images so as to provide the right inputs.
  • Autoguide tractors technology for plowing, sowing, spraying, etc.
  • Use of capacitive sensors and connected weather stations to control the irrigations.