Founded in 1960, Les Domaines Agricoles is one of the jewels in the crown of Moroccan agriculture.

Our company is proud to produce quality products each day. Our production methods respect nature, as well as the men and women who work for us every day.

Our various sectors, which all complement each other, offer you an incomparable diversity of products in which traceability is the key word.

Our produce draws its very richness from the soils of our beautiful country to deliver products of excellence all year round.

Come into our world and discover what makes us so successful.

Our citrus fruits, our other fruits and vegetables and our field crops are replete with sunshine.

Our dairy products are authentic and full of flavour.

The fish that we farm and the bees that we keep benefit from traditional know-how.

Our nurseries and aromatic plants are nurtured through their entire growing phase.

Our cosmetics are natural and precious.

Welcome to the world of Les Domaines Agricoles.