Big hit for the Organic-Farming Day of Beni Mellal

On May 9th, 2018 at their “Béni Mellal Bio” plantation, Les Domaines Agricoles organized an open day for the members of the Board of Directors belonging to the Moroccan Inter-professional Federation of Organic Farming (FIMABIO) and its affiliate members, as the Association of Organic Producers (ANAPROBIO), the Association of Organic Food-Processors (VALBIO) and the Association of Distributors and Exporters of Organic Products (ANADEXBIO). As well, there were representatives of ONSSA and EACCE who came forward to attend the event. The program of the day included a guided tour of the domain and a presentation of some pioneering experiences achieved by Les Domaines Agricoles, as well as the Best Practices to be used in the farming sector. The operation was a resounding success which was highly appreciated by all of the attendees. Moreover, the plethora of in-situ activities and the farming expertise developed by Les Domaines Agricoles sparked interest among the many participants, giving incentives to multiple exchanges and cross sharing.